Category: Bark

Decorative bark is used for flowers beds, walkways and gardens (depending on size). Bark should be replaced every 2-3 years.

Cedar Bark

Cedar bark is a light-colored bark.  Great for playgrounds with fewer wood slivers. Keeps bugs away in the flower beds.  Also can be used for animal bedding.

Bark Mulch

Our bark mulch is ground up fir.  It is best used for perennials and roses. Bark Mulch also aids in keeping moisture in and weeds out.

Small Bark

These bark nuggets can range between one quarter inches (1/4″) and three quarter inches (3/4″) in size.  Looks great in the flower beds.

Medium Bark

These Bark Nuggets can range between one and two inches (1-2″). Great for any flower bed.