Trimming, Transplanting and Fertilizing of Trees and Shrubs

  • Trimming and transplanting of trees and shrubs should be done before they leaf out. Spring is the best time for most trimming however if your tree or shrub blooms in early spring and you want to enjoy the blooms wait until it is done blooming to trim.  The reason for trimming when the leaves are off is because the sap is down in the plant.
  • When transplanting (new or established) a tree or shrub, have your new hole ready, fill the hole with water before hand to make sure it is good and wet, make sure to take as many roots as possible, trim established plants to help form new root growth and most of all use Ferti-lome Root Stimulant  (available at the Nursery) to help get the roots growing again .  Water makes for happy, healthy trees and shrubs.
  • Fertilizing should be done when plants are starting to grow, either with liquid, granular or spikes.  There is another product you should use to keep bugs off and out (bores) of your trees and shrubs. This is Ferti-lome Tree and Shrub Systemic Insect Drench, it keeps bugs away for a year. Great for problem shrubs or trees that are known to get bores.

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