Spring Watering

Greenhouses in the Spring

Vegetable starts that will soon be ready for your Garden, weather permitting.

Yes it is that time again!  Time to get the hose out, turn on the sprinklers and make sure everything is working well.  It is very important to start watering your yard as early as March 1st.  We are not talking about everyday!  Start with 1 or 2 times a week depending the weather. Lots of rain is good so we usually don’t need to water.  As for the Garden be really careful and do not over water (new starts can be fragile).  When we water it cools the ground off, most plants thrive when the ground is warmer so use caution when watering in the Spring.  As the days get warmer though make sure to increase your watering.  Sprinklers on trees give them shallow watering and the roots will come to the surface looking for water.  Make sure to deep water your trees;  deep watering is done with a drip line or a hose left on like a slow drip while at work.  This will give your tree a good tap root going down and make it stronger in our hard winds.


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