Fruit Tree Care

  • Trimming Fruit Trees should be done every couple of years or as needed.  Remember to trim before leaves leaf out. A hard trim or late freeze could leave you with little or no fruit.  As always water your trees good and deep
  • Fruit Trees need Dormant Spray in November and again in February.  This helps to keep bugs from burrowing into the trees trunk. It would also benefit spraying all flowering trees like flowering Plums, Cherries and more.
  • Now to keep bugs out of the fruit that is going to grow on your fruit tree, keep an eye on your tree(s), when the tree comes into full bloom wait for 3/4 of those blooms to fall off.  That is when you will begin to spray.  This should be done every 10-14 days or according to directions.  The first spray is the most critical.
  • Now just wait and watch your fruit grow.  YUM YUM!!!!!

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